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A  FREE “All In One” Web Masters learning package!

There’s no resources out there, that actually provides users a beginner
Package So they can learn how to use MySQL/PHP/HTML & CSS

And at the end, be rewarded with a fully working Script to share files!
Create a community, or just learn enough, to code their own scripts!

There’s no better AIO package than yOursource for someone to learn
How to Use MySQL/PHP/HTML & CSS! Honestly! it’s weird…


(We’ve looked everywhere, for a web masters package, and nothing comes close to this!)
We feel, yOursource is a great learning experience in itself, and at the end, you’ll have learned how to code your own PHP Scripts!.

Although yOursource, was designed to run straight out of the box, we did not intend you to Install, and run this tracker within the first few Minutes of completing the Setup. As the whole point of this project, is to let users who are not that advanced, with PHP/MYSQL,
To be-able to run a fully Functional tracker, without the advanced knowledge of PHP/MYSQL/CSS/HTML.

The template/theme, in the y0ursource package,has been put in to use as a guide to creating
You’re own theme! Try not to use this template for you’re live website, as it’s only been included
As a temporary guide to help you learn from. (Don’t be lazy, and learn how to style you’re own)

We did not build this script, for you to start a tracker for sharing pirated content! We did not build this script for sharing copyrighted content.
There are, torrent trackers out there, used for sharing LEGAL files, files that are not copyrighted, and fall under CC fair use licenses.
We created this because, there’s is no completely FREE scripts on the web, to actually learn a user, how to run their own LEGAL tracker.
how did you build

How did you build yOursource?

yOursource, to be completely honest, was a complete accident, it was never even supposed to work!
Remember the film “Honey i Shrunk the Kids”? The scientist couldn’t get the shrink ray working.
Then by accident, a baseball comes through the window, and accidentally got stuck in the machine…
And that was the missing piece to make the machine finally work? Well that’s basically y0ursource!

It’s a combination of about 30 different tracker scripts, we have ripped these sources apart, yanked out all the good stuff. Like the features & Plug-ins, that each author has coded into them, then somehow we managed to package this whole mess back together.. It worked! in-fact it Worked so well that we decided to design a new template around the code, tested the final package, then decided to release it to the public!

In a nutshell yOursource, is a 100% working, Website/php tracker. W
hich works straight out of the box! That has pre-installed 100’s of fully. Working plug-in, mods, features, and enhancements.Which are Pre-Coded into the tracker, and have been fully tested.Then we decided to, Release the project to the general public so, they/you can help build the project for creating you’re own great community.


Why has yOursource only just been announced now?

tb-dev header banner

yOursource is a new improved tracker source, that has been created because TB-DEV is no more, It’s gone forever.
There’s no other torrent indexing software available anymore. It’s our time to shine now! And become one of the best sources!
Please take a look around our website, for more information 🙂

/GraphiX & Team